Across The Universe Is An Enchanting Science Fiction Novel Essay

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Across the Universe is an enchanting science fiction novel. The setting begins on Earth as we know it, where people are being cryogenically frozen in preparation for a destination that is literally across the universe, and fast forwards to 250 years in the future. The humans from Earth are being sent to a different planet to study its resources, climate, and benefits. Stored in the hidden basement of a massive ship named Godspeed, the ‘Earth born’ humans sleep, while the ‘ship born’ manages the vessel. Only a select few really know what the precious cargo is, and even fewer know how long they’ve been traveling. All they know is that they are en route to Centauri Earth, which will be their new home. The main character, named Amy, is a teenage passenger. She is abruptly woken up fifty years early from her cryogenic slumber and was left to die. The ship’s next ruler, Elder, discovers the girl and takes her to medical region of the ship, where she doesn’t fit in. Amy’s presence in the monolithic ship causes the spread of rumors and suspicions, though she passes as a ‘failed experiment’, and is shunned by most of the Godspeed citizens. Throughout the story, Elder and Amy unravel secrets that have been lost through the hands of time as generations have passed. Amy and
Elder form an indomitable team, and together they attempt to discover a possible murderer, and the things that the ship’s ruler, Eldest, is hiding from them.

If you’re looking for a novel with nonstop kisses and