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1. There are four parts to Amgen’s Code of Ethics: employees should resolve ethical dilemmas by considering the legality of proposed actions, compliance with company policies, Amgen’s values, and an analysis of ethical issues including rights and respect. There were several allegations Shawn O’Brien made against the company that contradict the code of ethics. O’Brien alleged the company violated federal law by under reporting complaints and problems patients were having with Amgen’s drugs. Since this was issue of legality, O’Brien sued because Amgen was not reporting to the Food and Drug Administration the patient’s complaints. O’Brien’s retaliation contradicted the code of ethics because his supervisor took him off the case and ?

2. Whistleblowing is when a person makes allegations to the public or someone in authority about illegal or fraudulent activities. In this case the whistleblower was Shawn O’Brien. Internal whistleblowing is when misconduct is reported within the company. For example, if an employee tells another employee or a superior about misconduct, that is internal. External whistleblowing is the opposite and occurs when someone reports the misconduct to a party that is apart of the company. For example, if employee tells an auditor, government agency, or the police about misconduct, that is external whistleblowing.

I don’t think O’Brien too enough steps to report his concerns. He only reported the misconduct internally, but could have easily reported the misconduct externally. He could have taken his allegations to the Food and Drug Administration directly.

3. Integrity was the thing that motivated O’Brien to act as he did. Integrity is where someone has the courage to do what their character tells them even when others are pressuring you to do otherwise. The six pillars of character, trustworthy, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship, could have also motivated him.