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SAT Essay Prompt 1 I may not be a impressive psychiatrist but I have increased my knowledge on feelings due to the fact of me wanting to become a psychiatrist. I don’t believe that it is better for people to act on their feelings than to talk about them. Furthermore, people should continue to talk about their feelings. I’m the type of person who gets furious quick and does not like to talk about my feelings, but when I hold it in it just builds up and gets worse. I tried almost everything I could think of to not let it out but nothing worked. I couldn’t sleep, eat, and I wasn’t myself. Everyone began to notice that I have been acting very strange so they begin to torture me which made it no better. So finally my best friend gave me some advice which was to just write things in a diary which is just like talking but is letting it out silently until I was ready to talk out loud. Once I did that I felt releved and was able to eat, sleep, and I became myself again. After a couple of weeks, I began to gradually tell my best friend what was going on with me and it felt even greater. My example shows that it is easier to talk out your feelings because from the way I was acting I could tell people didn’t like that and was very shocked that it was coming from me. Putting across about how you feel, either if you are writing it down or talking to someone about it, it should make you feel a different way and I hope it’s better. This is why most people who need to share their