Act As If No Ones Watching Essay

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Ereia Alexander
Eng. 1113 M
M. Boothe
September 24, 2014
Act As If No Ones Watching
Why is it when people are looking, you behave a particular way, but when no one is looking, you do as you please? Why does stepping out on your own judgment make you apprehensive, while other's give you reassurance? Is it because you sense people will judge, or because you will feel like an outcast. In today’s world, people do things differently when the public eye is observing versus when things are done privately. When it comes to public eye verse private eye people tend to change in personality; lose their individuality; and do things they may regret later in life.
People can be described as shy, timid, and hesitant; while others are described as outgoing, friendly, and sociable. These actions can easily be transformed when they are by themselves or in public. People tend to be outspoken in public, but rarely have anything to say in private. For instance, when politicians are out in public, they do speeches focusing on word choice and being able to connect with others to be accepted. Once they are at home, they have nothing to talk about because they are becoming disconnected with their family. Though, people that are shy and timid in public are the ones that are welcoming and approachable. For example, a teenager standing in the corner of a party feels uncomfortable around people that he or she is unfamiliar with; once at home, he or she instantaneously comes out of their shell