Act Hours Essay

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Ryan Clark
New Testament For my acts hours I decide to help my aunt out and babysitting my cousins. I learned a lot that night from them which helped me grow. I thought taking care of two younger kids would be easy but is harder then I could have imagined. But I felt good helping out when I was needed. Because I did what I did I found out that I learn from everything that I try to accomplish. It was difficult not accepting the money at the end of the night but it was something that needed to be done not even for this paper but just doing something good and not always needing a reward or to be recognized. One easy thing to do was to just sit there and pay attention to my cousins which I don’t always get to see and have a good time and let time fly away. I see on a deeper level that you don’t only need to complete things for people to notice but the satisfaction in your own heart s enough that any one person needs. It wasn’t to hard to take care of them it was on new year’s eve so they were allowed to stay up till midnight to celebrate the new year but they never made it they just passed out on the couch. Earlier I would just play board games with them and let them win sometimes just to make them feel good and other things to pass the time. I thank god for the patience he has given me because my cousins can be a hand full sometimes and can drive me insane but I always calm myself to handle the situation. My cousins would get scared at the fireworks out side…