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Jakub Balicki
JAE Keller 4th Period

The New American Internet Culture

American Society has been radically changed due to the internet over the past two decades. Since its development in the 90’s, Americans have been able to access more sources of information, communicate easier and have easier lives in several aspects. Some however argue that the internet has damaged traditional American way of life through its development. These arguments however are easily refuted once looked upon from differing perspectives. Although researchers and educators believe the internet has adverse effects on the American way of life, the internet has allowed
American entertainment industries, the modern basis of American Culture, a spread of culture into the daily lives of Americans.
The internets biggest benefit to American culture comes from its benefit to
American entertainment industries. Before the internet, Americans would have to seek out their favorite artists by looking for CDs in stores that may or may not have their favorite artist. However, the internet has allowed easier access to music and easier availability to an extent that “Going to buy a track from iTunes or a band's website has become just as routine as going to a buy a CD from a shop used to be.”
(Lomax). Easier accessibility has benefited American culture easing distribution amongst the American people thus directly benefiting artists and the music industry.

Not only has the internet benefited the American music industry, but also it has benefited the film industry. Through the internet several entertainment services have arisen the offer streaming. Before the internet people would have to visit movie theaters to be able to watch movies or rent or buy DVDs with movies they want to watch. However these streaming services like Netflix or Redbox have allowed easier accessibility. These easier accessed movies have allowed film directors to easily spread their movies across several audiences and get more ideas across to the
American people. Through personal experience I have been able to access services like Netflix and it has allowed to see a greater perspective on American made movies.
In movie theaters and DVD stores its hard to find older films that express American cultural views from the past. However through services like Netflix I was able to view these older film and observe these cultural viewpoints. Overall the easier accessibility to American created media has allowed the culture of America to spread. This spread allows American culture to thrive and live up to the traditional view of American culture that was a mix of diverse thoughts and ideas.
Even though the development of the internet has benefited the sources of
American culture, some studies may argue that the internet had harmed the American way of life. Some argue that the internet has caused more internet based conversations and has reduced person to person connections between Americans.
According to Alex Lickerman from …