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Michelle Lewis
Professor Pyatt
ENG 002
16 September 2012 A pre-marital surprise

During my reading in the book “Listening is an act of love”, I stumbled on a story between a man and a woman where surely love does conquer anything and gives the ability to give options. The story that I chose to write about is from an interview between Seth Fleischauer, who interviewed his grandfather William Jacobs. Here in this interview William recalls the visit from his mother-in-law while in the hospital. From this visit, William is made aware that his bride to be is infertile due to childhood issues. However as stated before, love conquers all and is more than willing to still go through with the marriage, adopt children and even have the courage to tell her himself, seeing as how he also discovers she is unaware do to her protective mother. One question I would like to ask the interviewee, William, is how did it feel to find out this secret so far down along the road. I would ask this because most people when getting married want to start a family, from them only, and to have to adopt, how would that feel.
I know that if I was going to be married I know I could adopt, but for a while at least not being able to bear children would make me very unhappy and feel half a woman. However, I believe that asking him that question, and seeing what I have read in the book, I would receive similar answers that he gave to his soon to be mother in law and the answers that he gave