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Overall, I feel that my first monologue went just alright. I went into the week feeling that my monologue would be super easy and I didn’t think much of it. Things seemed to change as I actually had to go up to perform. Though it may not have been the best, I believe that there were some pretty good parts of it as well. A good part of my performance was that I was able to speak clearly. Last year, when I did my first and only improv show, I found myself not enunciating words in practice. I’ve kind of always had a problem speaking emphatically or clearly. Another thing that I think I did a good job or was keeping my composure when I stumbled over a word or two. In the past, in oral presentations in general, I have had moments where I can make a mistake in speech and the rest of the speech will be affected. During Tuesday’s performance, I held it together while keeping my facial expressions together. One more thing that I did well was making eye contact with the audience. Although I haven’t acted long, one thing I did pick up is how important eye contact is to evoke emotion in the audience. My character was portrayed as a person who is anything but content with the way his life is. I thought to myself that eye contact with the audience, while displaying a look of sadness, would be the most effective way to go. There also came a part in the monologue where I my character got to dream and wonder. I allowed my self to liven up the character to a place of almost happiness.
While I was able to pull off a couple of good things, there were definitely bad parts. When my character began to look towards his hopes and dreams, I wanted to stand from my chair and put some motion into it. I think it was a good idea, but I didn’t execute it as I should have. I found myself pacing, but it