Action Centred Leadership Essay

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Action Centred Leadership
John Adair
Asserts that leaders in any situation where there is a goal, leaders should have command of three main areas: Task. Team and Individual. Achieving the task, managing the team or group and managing individuals to be an effective leader. However, the three elements are likely to conflict with each other. Pressure on time and/or resources may lower the moral of the group. But if the group or idividuals needs are forgotten, the task may not be completed effectively.
Similarly, taking time to build group and individual moral without focusing on the task will cause detriment to the task. Therefor, the leader needs to be able to balance the needs of the task, the group and the individual. Adair also provides a list of things to do under each of the three headings, which will promote effective leadership, see figure 1. Figure 1. Source:

Henri Fayol
Henri Fayol’s is one of the oldest and most comprehensive theories of management, and belongs to the Administrative school of management as opposed to the scientific school. His 14 principles explained how leaders should interact with staff,

Figure 2. Source:

Fayol also presented six functions of management, that were to be used in conjunction with his