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Action for Africa Paul David Hewson, otherwise known as Bono, is the lead singer of the world renowned rock band U2. Bono is short for “bono vox” or good voice in Latin (Bono). This nickname was given to Paul Hewson rightfully as he has become a resounding voice for the war on poverty, hunger and disease (specifically AIDS) in Africa. Although Bono’s roots are Irish he spent some time working in an orphanage in Ethiopia where he had a mind opening experience, this experience would change him and his direction from here forward (Bono, Action for Africa). When the trip to Ethiopia had reached its end a native came to Bono and handed him his baby to take back with him because he knew his son would survive elsewhere. Bono turned him down, instead he became a rock star with a cause, however, as he states it is not really a cause but an emergency (Bono, Action for Africa). There is an immediate call for change in Africa and as Bono explains, we can answer by standing united as one and facilitate these life-saving changes. In Bono’s speech “Action for Africa” he presents the audience with some insight that makes them stop and think about real possibilities rather than dreams. “What turns me on about the digital age, what excited me personally, is that you have closed the gap between dreaming and doing. You see, it used to be that if you wanted to make a record of a song, you needed a studio and a producer. Now, you need a laptop” (Bono, Action for Africa). Bono has set the stage to introduce some vital information to us about Africa’s emergent state and what can be done about it. Did you know that there are 6,500 Africans dying every day of AIDS due to lack of medicine and that there will be 20 million dead by the end of the century? In fact, 9,000 Africans will contract HIV due to stigmatization and lack of education (Bono, Action for Africa). Taking these numbers seriously is the first major step towards aiding Africa. Bono has designed a campaign around ONE that’s center is living in the moment. ONE is an organization developed through charity by Bono that stands by changing the world together as one rather than trying to do so individually (Olson). He really emphasizes that it is up to us as a nation of people to say “we do not have to stand for this [injustice]” (Bono, Action for Africa). What tends to be hard about standing up though, according to Bono, is that if we admit we can do something then we must follow through and do it, therefore we should do it as one (Bono, Action for Africa). Bono strongly believes that an investment into Africa would reap returns for both America and Africa. Africa is rich in natural resources but corruption, crushing debt and social services that need improvement have kept the continent in poverty (Moore). The digital age can help Africa extend itself to the world for trade if we just help provide them with the means such as technology. Moving forward with this investment and giving justice would help the people of both America and Africa obtain a sense of themselves. “We see it as startup money, investment in new countries. A humbling thing was to learn the role of commerce” (Olson). Action for Africa was very well received by the audience and people around the world. Being chosen as the TED Prize speaker of 2005, Bono was permitted three wishes. They were: 1. To build a social movement of 1 million US activists for Africa. 2. To tell people ONE BILLION times about ONE, with as much of this information as possible before the G8 Africa Summit in July 2005. 3. For TED to show power of information by connecting every hospital, health clinic and school in one country, Ethiopia. (Bono, Action for Africa)
By asking for the power of information, Bono is ensuring that communication results in transformation as this access to the internet would be life changing for this country (Bono, Action for Africa). In fact, the internet could help this country