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Action Inquiry
Nekeya Collins-Simon
Grand Canyon University: EDU 535
June 3, 2015

Pandora Elementary Action Inquiry
Practicum Action Inquiry Documentation: The action inquiry will highlight budget allocations for the support staff of Pandora Elementary School. In examining the problem data was looked upon and analyzed to establish an improvement plan to increase student achievement in the areas of reading and mathematics.
Statement of the Problem
After careful consideration and examination of the schools budget it is noted that Pandora Elementary School does not allow funds to support personnel that could assist in the increase of student achievement. How can this be corrected? As any other school Pandora Elementary School goal is to provide support that will enhance and enrich student growth of students who fall in the lowest 25% of reading and mathematics. Possible way to solve the issue is to hire additional interventionist.
Relation of the Problem to the Specialization
In examining the school’s budget issues one must note the possibility of employing additional interventionist to address student needs. The school site administrator must decide the best way in which to allocate funds for student growth and student activities. When the administrator has determined in which allocations are suitable he/she must strategize a plan that will acquire student achievement.
Background and Context for the Problem
Pandora Elementary School’s 2014-2015 budget paved way for employment of two interventionist to teach reading and mathematics. However, with continuous school enrollment achievement levels have decreased. Though the enrollment has picked up, students (SPED, ELLs & General Education) are in need of additional support.
Research Questions/Hypotheses
As the administrative strategizes to accommodate student achievement in the areas of reading and mathematics, Pandora Elementary has to restructure their budget to acquire two interventionists to provide enrichment services to students in the lowest 25% in reading and mathematics.
~Where will the additional funding come from to acquire the additional interventionists?
~Which students will benefit from support in the areas of reading and mathematics? ~What makes an interventionist suitable for employment in delivering instruction to students who are in dire need of enrichment and support?
Importance or Significance of the Study
According to the ISLLC Standards, the school is responsible for student achievement. Allocations of funds are a necessity in the educational environment. The funds would be beneficial to the educational environments they are utilized to increase student achievement as student enrollment increases to support student who are at-risk in the areas of reading and mathematics.
Topics in the Literature Review
After reading the Effects of tier3 intervention for students with persistent difficulties and characteristics of inadequate responders, I have found that it is imperative to assist students who struggle in reading and mathematics. The study also discusses the intervention process for students. Not to mention the cognitive characteristics of why and how a student responds or is unable to perform (Denton, et al, 2013). Literature on Differentiated Instruction (DI) was also looked at and noted that DI is the act of meeting students at their individual levels during breakout sessions (small groups). “The Differentiated Classroom,” states that when teachers provide students with instruction on their performance level, students are able to progress academically (Tomlinson, 1999). Looking at both pieces of literature with fidelity student achievement will increase.