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Action Plan

Action Plan
What is the goal?
To create an environment where workers increase productivity in the organization through effective ethical leadership.
Justification – Why is this a goal?
The upper management needs to up build workers in the organization to help them feel needed and make them fell that they have a contribution to the company. Upper management will also set SMART goals for the staff to clarify standards and focus attention on the tasks at hand to develop utiliarism and paramount virtues.
Definition of Success – How would you define success in achieving this goal?
All employees are applying these standards to there work ethic and everyone is satisfied with there progress.
What currently is being done to achieve the goal?
The company has set up a committee advisory group for employees to have access to resources, establishing a reimbursement programs to motivate and encourage workers, assigning authority for decision making to employees who show the most progress and advancement, providing training workshops and having employees work in teams to discuss points like the ethical decision making model, and help learners make cognitive connections in group discussions in real work situations when faced with an ethical dilemma.
What must be done to achieve the goal? What is the time required for each step?
Action Step
Time Required
Implement the Action Plan
Set up the ethical workshops
5 weeks
Create education tuition reimbursement program
4 weeks
Setting up team building activities
4 weeks
Establish a professional Development Program to promote ethical leaders
3 weeks
Finalization and agreement of Action Plan
2 days
What information is needed to achieve the goal?
The information needed to achieve the goal for the organization is communication of standards from one employee to the other by sending emails, and memos as a reminder to work on their ethics, and when meetings are arranged to set up ethical learning.
What obstacles would prevent achievement of this goal?
Workers who do