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Active Reading
What is reading for learning?
Your reading leads directly to other writing, studying, and exam activities for the course.
What should you think about when reading?
Think of reading as the beginning of a pipeline that sends information into a mental tube to be used for various tasks at the other end.
●So in addition you understanding the text you must figure out what you will need in the future.
●Anything you miss or misunderstand will affect the tasks such as the products you produce, and the grades you get.
●To start the move properly through the pipeline then, accurate and thorough reading is essential.
What is comprehension?
A process of thinking in which readers combine text information with their vocabulary and background knowledge to build units of meaning.
How to people feeling when there not interested in a program?
They experience boredom, think about other things, comprehend little, and recall even less.
How to people feeling when there interested in a program?
They watch intently, think about what they’re seeing and hearing, and respond.
●As a result of all that intellectual and emotional involvement, the viewer’s understand and remember a great deal.
What went on in the section of Passive versus active reading?
●Reading is an intellectual act involves the mind and learning skills for making sense of print. Two aspects are critical
- First Reading is also an emotional experience.
®research shows that emphasizes that emotions directly affect whether or not the mind comprehends a subject.
-Second reading involves the selection and use of methods for accessing background knowledge, grouping units of print, and linking the two into something meaningful.
What is passive reading?
When involvement is low.
●Move their eyes across text, see words, but fail to comprehend the points. They aren’t thinking of the information that’s why they fail.
●Expect author to stimulate their interest and believe that the writing determines their comprehension. Don’t give interested in the topic, or choose methods that aid comprehension.
●boredom, poor concentration, confused, and low comprehension.
What is active reading?
When involvement is high.
●Mindset of personal control, desire to find and think about interesting, useful, and relevant information.
●Make choices about what is important, try to figure out confusing parts, and use dictionaries, marking, and note taking to gain the highest possible comprehension.
Common reading problems table!
1. Poor concentration 2.Confusion 3.Vague, unclear points 4. All or nothing seems to be important 5. Frequent rereading 6.Stress, frustration, and desire to quit 7.Boredom.
Possible causes
1. Distractions 2. Fatigue 3. Lack of reading goals 4. Low motivation 5. Skip reading and skimming 6. Reading too quickly or too slowly 7. Cramming 8. Taking in too much new information at one time 9. Reading without a break 10. Not understanding the author’s organization 11. Not linking the ideas with the details 12. Not relating the ideas with the details 13. Lack of background knowledge 14. Unknown vocabulary terms 15. Stress about the course or upcoming exam 16. Worry about personal problems.
What are the six core processes used during reading for learning tasks?
1. Pre-read
2. Divide
●Passive readers just read entire assignments in one sitting.
●Active readers divide it out.
3. Question
●passive readers wait for the text to make sense, overly focused on the separate words and sentences.
4. Read
5. Recite
6. Review
What does preread mean?
Ease into the text by looking it over before they start reading in order to identify the topic, start thinking, and initiate motivation.
What is Divide mean?
Texts by looking for organizing clues, setting goals, and splitting long assignments into easy reading tasks.
What is questions mean?
Turning important words and points.
What does read mean?
Mark their texts, time to identify, understand,