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Dear the University of Alabama,

I write to bring your urgent attention to international student working at school.
As we all know there is a website called and lots of students find their job at the University of Alabama. We know that there are a lot of working position are available at the UA. But have you ever seen an international student working at school? I have, which is how I know that it is time we need do something for international students. In the past two years, I have only seen 1 asian girl working in Sup Store for a short time.
We all know that studying in a foreign country is not an easy thing. We international students have language problem and lifestyle habits proble. So do other American students who come from other cities. I think this is the reason why school does not allow freshman to get a job at school. We need time to get with our new lives. And as an international student, my tuition fee is about 16000 dollars per semester. This is much higher than local student. As for me, exchange rate between USA and China is around 1:6.3. and studying aboard really cost a lot of money. And korean and japanese have even higher rate. My parents have to work hard so they can support me stay here.
We all want to do something to lessen parents’ burden. And lots of students I know they can not apply a job at school so they go outside and work illegally, sometimes they are paid lee than the minimun wage. And they do not have any protection. When they