Activities That Releieve Stress Essay

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Activities that relieve stress
Stress is a disease. The main reason is the excessive concern for something, we can’t control. People can become overwhelmed and fretful between coping with work, school, home and relationships. The most helpful method for dealing with stress is learning how to manage it. There are many ways to manage stress but the most helpful to me, are listening to music, dance and laugh.
You need to be able to manage stress because hard times will come, and a positive outlook is what gets you through.
-Marie Osmond

The healing effects of music have been known since time immemorial. The music therapy is the use of music to improve physical, psychological, intellectual or social functioning of people with health problems or education. The music therapy is used with children, with adults and seniors with different problems. It is also used with people who are not sick or do not have any problems, just to improve personal well-being, to develop creativity, improve learning, relationships and stress management. Music can change your mood and make you feel energetic, it just depends what kind or music you’re playing or listening.

Dancing is a stress reliever, it releases endorphins making us feel happy. Putting your body in movement may help you forget your problems. And this is something that I really practicum, when I had a bad day, I usually put some music and dance. That’s why most people go to night clubs, because you can be sociable and dance in a good atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bad dancer, the thing is that you can release your stress