Acton-Burnett Summary Essay

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BUS 160
Acton – Burnett: Case Analysis Questions

Response by Fermions

1. What differences, if any, exist between the problems that the task force has been asked to address and the “real” problems?
Two Vice Presidents for the company Keene and Ryan come to the conclusion that a task force must be created to make sense of the final forecast and product demand forecast that the four marketing managers created. The task force found many problems some being systematic bias and that it seemed information was being withheld. In the end at the presentation it becomes obvious that the problems were poorly done incorrect forecasting and a collaboration to prevent people from becoming aware of it, by withholding information and
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Addition to the change upon selection method used, if Dr. Hunneus, whom is VP of economic analysis, was appointed head instead of Baker, whom is an assistant to the VP of corporate planning. The whole proposed for the task group was to identify the basic for underlying assumption upon which the product demand forecast was based. Moreover, Hunneus has been with the organization for over 20 years while Baker has been employed there for nearly two years. They basically chose a leader which was fairly new to the organization as well as quite young at age 28 compared to Hunneus whom was 50 years old. However, the group structure only insisted of one personnel to represent economic analysis and forecasting. The had three members representing corporate planning, three project managers representing marketing, one sales division representative and one economic analysis and forecasting.
Since Hunnesus was familiar with his field of economics their may have been a less of tension and disagreements between Baker and task member Stephen Eldredge, whom was an economic analysis which focused on economic analysis and forecasting. For the fact that Eldredge was one of the most involved members in the task force whom freely expressed his opinion and ideas, he was nearly acknowledge for his inputs, perhaps this was