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Music Video Evaluation
FdA Year 1

In this evaluation I will explain how well my music video went both the negative and positives and an overall outcome.

This music video gave me a good experience; I started planning my music video in December and gave me a good time period in order to find the main character, after careful consideration I found my actress and went over the story board and details and discussed the character she had to be in order to link with the storyline, after going through the plot of the video my main actress was more than pleased to go ahead with shooting the video.

Day 1 of shooting the cover of “you” did not go as planned which gave me droughts to the next steps. Both me and my actor could not get in the vibe of shooting this video, the actor could not get into character to match with the storyline of the meaning of the song moreover the condition outside was not appropriate for filming.

After day 1 of shooting I then took an overlook of what I have shot so far and could not seem to put this in the storyline that I expected nor did it fit with my storyboard due to the environment conditions. Furthermore the actress and me took a dynamic assessment to cover another music video in a very limited time space out looking the whole storyboard.

As time was very limited my actor had a problem in making time for more days to film. Moreover I had to find another actress, which was successful in a space of hours. Once we got together to discuss the situation she had considered to do a cover of “skyscraper”.

I had listed to the song a few times to come up with a storyboard and match the meaning of the song in order for the acting to flow with the words.
Before shooting day 1 I physically visited the chosen location in order to be sure these will be final, locations: Richmond Park, Kingston Town center, Kingston river side.

Choosing these locations would make it more time keeping and easier for me and the actress to travel with equipment.

Day 1 of shooting was a accomplishment as conditions were as expected and shot a variety of frames that left us with good options.

I imported the filming to the computer to see the outcome of the day 1 shooting, which was all good.

Day 2 of shooting we planned to shoot a few scenes in the Bentalls center in Kingston, which did not go to plan, as we started filming we were approached by security within the shopping mall asking to see our permission, which we did not have.

We were then directed to the main office were we can get the permission to film, moreover my shooting was not approved as I am a student and only big TV channels can get the permission to shoot in the shopping mall, so the next option closest to shooting by the shopping mall was to shoot outside the mall making sure it was in the frame which was an achievement. The only disappointment was that I was people had got in the way of filming which took more time however managed to overcome the situation. Next scene of shooting was by the river, it was very windy but this became a success after watching the footage as it fitted very well with the acting and this same day we had planned to shoot a more exiting scene that involved real life flames.
I had purchased petrol from the station and furthermore mentioned to my neighbors that I will be lighting up real flames which could cause smoke and smell, this was fine and approved by them.

I made sure that the environment was clear of causing any further danger and taking the safety of the actor in consideration. My main idea was to have a circle of flame having