Actor and Respective Theoretical Viewpoints Essay

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Respond to the following: In the discussion question, you examined the various viewpoints on causes and treatments for substance abuse. With which viewpoint or viewpoints do you agree most? Why?
Provide specific examples of causal factors and treatments outlined by the respective theoretical viewpoints.
There is no exact answer as to what causes substance abuse but it does show that it can depend somewhat on the genetics biological traits that are passed down through many generations of family member. Many different kinds of professionals can and do provide treatment for individuals that suffer from substance abuse. There are different kinds of treatment programs that will assign patients to a team of professionals that will help them overcome their substance abuse the best way that they can. . Depending on the type of treatment these teams are made up of social workers, counselors, doctors, nurses, psychologists or other professionals. When patient enter into a treatment program, professionals do an assessment to find out what the best treatment plan will be for them.
I believe that the psychodynamic viewpoint is the one I would agree with the most. I choose this viewpoint because people who experience a lack of nurturing while they are young and being raised, often carry it with them through their lives into adulthood if those issues go unresolved. I do happen to also agree with the sociocultural viewpoint because society can play a huge role when it comes to an