Essay on Actors from the 1920s: Charlie Chaplin, Brigitte Helm, and Gary Cooper

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Actors of the 1920s
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Charlie Chaplin
Charles Spencer Chaplin aka Charlie Chaplin rose to fame in the silent era as a comedic actor he later became an independent producer, composer and filmmaker . He was born in walworth united kingdom on april sixteenth 1889 and died in corsier sur vevey switzerland on December 25th 1977. An ill mother and a passing of a father caused Charlie and his brother to live off their own resources.Charlie first got booked at the age of twelve for a stage show supporting sherlock holmes. He entered the cinema world on November 1913 when he joined Mack Sennett and the Keystone Film Company.

Brigitte Helm
Brigitte Helm was born on March 16 1906. Brigitte, a german actress; first started acting when she was only eighteen years old. Before retiring in the year of 1936 she had already starred in over thirty films. After retiring Brigitte had four children and refused to take any interviews concerning her acting career.
Later, she was considered for the role of “Bride of Frankenstein” before Elsa
Lanchester was given the role.

Gary Cooper
Gary cooper whose birth name was Frank cooper was born in Montana on
May seventh 1901 and died May 16 1961. He was a british actor who was signed by paramount. Might recognize him from one of his best known films a farewell to arms. Gary had starred in over 100 films but he became a major star with his first sound picture “The virginian” in 1929. He won his