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1.) “False face must hide what false heart doth know” (I, vii)
I picked this quote to represent the play as a whole because throughout the first three acts, especially the second and the third, Macbeth is conflicted about his actions. He hides not only to his friends but also to his wife his true feelings of murder by putting on a “false” face. He knows that it is wrong to murder for power but soon enough his “false heart” shows how it could be good for him. In the end his false heart overpowers his true feelings and he puts on a false face to become the Macbeth that rules over all others. We also see how Lady Macbeth puts on a false face, and tries to rid herself of all women­like features in order to become powerful. It is shown that the only way she can become powerful is through her husband so she spreads her “false heart” to her husband by purely acting. In the play, Macbeth’s false face also has to hide to the outside the true intentions of his false heart. We see how this becomes difficult when he sees a ghost at his dinner party and his false face disappears and the scared Macbeth reappears for a little bit. Soon enough we see the false face shine through Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in order to cover up their lie, and the whole play continues to unfold as they lose their grip on their “false face”. 2.) “And, on thy blade and dudgeon, gouts of blood, which was not so before.” (II, i)
Here blood is being used to depict what will happen to Macbeth