Acts and Legislations Research Essay

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Acts and Legislations Research



Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health.

How it affects schools and is embedded within their practices
The COSHH regulations protects your school against risks from the use or exposure to hazardous chemicals, solvents, dust, fumes or waste products. Most obvious will be the use and storage of cleaning products and chemicals used in kitchens and toilets. Other areas to consider are science departments; chemicals and biological materials, Also Art department; varnishes, paints and glazes etc. not only the storage of but also how these substances are disposed of. At School these chemicals are managed by the site manager & kept behind a security coded door, which is marked with a hazardous chemical sign.
See section 1.2C & 1.2D of the Schools H&S policy.


Reporting of Injured Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

RIDDOR requires employees to report incidents, accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences arising out of or in connection with work. This affects schools by ensuring there are suitable procedures in place to follow when dealing with and logging accidents and illnesses. Minor accidents/illnesses are dealt with by a responsible adult or first aider, who will assess, treat and log the incident and if necessary contact a parent or appropriate adult. More serious accidents or illnesses will then involve the head teacher/ deputy plus the school will need to inform the HSE thus ensuring they adhere to the Schools Health and Safety policy.
See section 2.6 of the Schools H&S policy.

Health and Safety at Work Act

The HSAWA must be adhered to by all workplaces. It affects the school by ensuring all employees, visitors and children are kept safe whilst on the school premises. It is the basis of all schools H&S policy and ensures regular site inspections, risk assessments, fire drills, H&S training sessions etc. are carried out by the school. All aspects of the HSAWA are covered and detailed in the schools Health and Safety policy/Mission Statement.
Duty of care

“an obligation, recognized by law, to avoid conduct fraught with unreasonable risk of danger to others”

In schools all teachers and staff owe a