Acts of the Apostles and Prejudice Person Essay

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ent events such as music in the park or shows at local bars. 10. I have always been into music and over the past couple years have started to organize groups and charities. I don’t necessarily find myself to be a big part within this group but i do find that i do my part. 11. Well there are many musicians throughout our community who do what I do. I have had many chances to work with some of them and go to their events and shows. 12. The most satisfying thing about being part of a musical society is that you get the chance to enjoy the thing you love as well as help others through charity work or just sheer entertainment. Honestly there is nothing that I don’t enjoy about music. 13. Usually people within our subgroup are very open and expressive about problems so if a problem ever does arise it is usually addressed and taken care of in the best way possible.

Examination of Your Personal Culture

1. I am very proud to be African American. 2. There is nothing that I am ashamed of or embarrassed about concerning my culture of background. 3. I love learning new languages, so I admire many cultures and races that speak in different languages, especially those who learn English as well. 4. Prejudice is everywhere and one example was when I was a child at school I remember another student being prejudice against me using words of slander against my race. It hurt but I got passed it knowing that it didn’t really matter what they thought. 5. I have never purposely been prejudice toward anyone. 6. I think stereotypes are ridiculous and should be ignored in all respects. 7. Growing up I just lived my life, I didn’t try to be anything I wasn’t and I didn’t fall into the lockstep of societies expectations when it came to stereotypes. 8. When I was in school I had another student treat me less than fairly because of my race. I didn’t really do anything about it because I knew it would have been a waste of my time. People will always have prejudice and people just