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A Career In The Juvenile Probation Field Edna Powers English Composition II Cassandra Smith August 10, 2009 A Career in the Juvenile Probation Field Like many careers a career in the Juvenile Probation Field can be very rewarding and also extremely difficult. After all, they do work with troubled teens. They constantly battle with teenager’s weather it is trying to get them to stay out of trouble by not going to school, using drugs, stealing or gang involvement. Some teens, after they have been in trouble, head toward a straight path and some end up in the same Juvenile Probation Officers hands. Protecting the community is a main role of a probation officer. They must routinely call the juveniles home, school, and work …show more content…
Typically one must also be over twenty one years of age and have a clean criminal record. Computer skills, writing skills and the ability to communicate oneself clearly and effectively are an absolute must. It is also imperative that one be capable of being sympathetic with the offenders without becoming emotionally involved. While it is not necessary, it is often considered beneficial to work for six months to a year in a juvenile detention center to get used to being around juvenile offenders and to gain experience in this field of work. As stated above, one should be involved in detention facilities before applying to be an actual probation officer. (Walker, K. October, 30 2008) states that probation officers for juvenile facilities are in the unique position of providing guidance to troubled youths before they reach the adult criminal justice system. Probation officers for juvenile facilities supervise minors in custody, maintain security and safety procedures, supervise recreational activities, and instruct and encourage good manners and proper attitude. In conclusion, Juvenile Probation officers do see the ups and downs of troubled teens. They deserve more respect for their hard work and dedication for the community and making the world a better place. They go through a hard process just to help out kids. They aren’t recognized enough and