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ACUPUNCTURE Acupuncture is said to have originated from ancient Chinese medicine practice. The first and oldest record of its use of acupuncture can be dated to a 4,700 year old Yellow Emperor’s Classic Internal Medicine. It is believed to be the oldest medical text book in the world written by Shen Nung, the father of Chinese medicine. Shen Nung theorized that the body has an energy force running throughout our bodies. The force is known as Qi, which consists of all essential life activities including spiritual, emotional, and mental aspect. He said that Qi travels throughout the body in special pathways known as meridians. Energy constantly flow around these pathways, and the person’s health is influenced by the flow of this energy. When the flow of Qi becomes obstructed or deficient, Yin and Yang are said to be thrown out of balance, this causes illness, and acupuncture is said to restore this balance. (Xinnong, 2000) Acupuncture has become so popular that anyone can easily find the therapy almost anywhere. To name a few around Chicago, an individual can receive acupuncture therapy from Southport Grace Wellness Center located at 1209 W. Grace street, Chicago, Illinois, 60613, (773-525-2225) and Lincoln Square Acupuncture located at 4720A N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60625, (773-878-3888). In both of the locations mentioned, all the therapists are licensed acupuncturist, which in the state of Illinois, Acupuncturists are required to complete a minimum of 3 academic years of study, which includes over 1000 hours of classroom time as well as 600 hours of hands on clinic time treating patients. In order to become licensed, candidates must pass a national board examination given by the National Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and World Health Organization (WHO), acupuncture has been proven effective in the treatment of numerous medical conditions, ranging from paint problems, to addictions, to emotional disorders. Common conditions that can be treated with acupuncture are back pain, sport injuries, migraines, anxiety, stress, fatigue, weight loss, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, cramping, allergies, common cold, flu, menopause, painful menstruation, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and many more. (Barnes, & Griner, 2004) I consider acupuncture as a complementary medicine because it is recognized and approved by many health care professional and health care organization such as the World Health Organization (WHO), US Food and Drug Administration, and National Institute of health (NIH), whereas alternative medicine is non approved, non tested treatments that can be harmful to individuals. Complementary medicine is approved and given along with medical treatments. Alternative medicine on the other hand is given in place of the treatment and is not approved. (Stux & Hammerschalg, 2000) Individuals with chronic illness or those who are at the end of life and experiencing great amount of pain can benefit from acupuncture. To relieve pain, acupuncture works by improving circulation and increased blood flow to body tissues, thereby bringing fresh oxygen to ischemic tissues and relieving pain in the process. Acupuncture also helps eliminate waste products, speed up healing process, and enhance a recovery from diseases such as those with chronic illnesses. (Xinnong, 2000) There are many therapeutic uses that an individual can benefit from acupuncture. Scientific research into acupuncture indicates that it works by stimulating the release of brain chemicals such as endorphins that function to relieve pain. Research shows that acupuncture strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, decreases muscle tightness, and increases joint flexibility. Aside from its many therapeutic uses, acupuncture does not come without…