Essay about Acupuncture and Health Class Period

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NAME: Jason Pelletier Jordan Lovely
Health Class
Period: 2A

“You Wont Feel A Thing”

Positive Stressors Neutral Stressors Negative Stressors
1. Friends 1. Girls 1. School
2. Hygiene 2. Family 2. Drama
3. Vacation 3. Working Out 3. Video Games
4. Music 4. Holidays 4. Death of a Relative

ATOD Effects on Teens:
ATOD effect teens in many ways it effects family life and social setting and can ruin their school lives. The effect that happen in families is that the user attitude changes towards rule and regulations and family members and they seem to participate less and less in family activities. You can also tell if the suspected user is using if they isolatesthemselves away fro the family in their room or someplace else secluded. They break rules such as staying out after curfew or sneaking out after curfew. You an also catch them in lies and see them blaming others for irresponsible actions. They begin to steal and start violent situations both physical and verbal. There is a certain vagueness to company kept from other family members. Friends can also tell weather the person is using because the mood changes towards them or just leaves them all together and has no interest in old friends and the parent do not know the new ones. In school the performance will go down, excessive times being tardy skipping whole classes or days dropping out of sport and other activities too is another indicator of ATOD use. Also they begin to start begin being disrespectful towards teachers.

What Is Acupuncture? It is the placement of silicon coated disposal needles into one of the several hundred acupoints located along the body’s meridians or connected points across the anatomy which affect a specific organ or other part of the body, which releases a rush of Qi throughout the body relaxing the muscles and calming the mind.

1. Cost: $75.00
2. Where to Find: clinics Herbalist studios.

3. Strengths Weaknesses
Treat almost anything Could have unsterilized needles

4. Materials: A licensed acupuncturist and clean sterile needles.

5 Ways to treat stress with this method
1. The lighting in the room has to be really dim
2. The time spent with the needles in you awake and asleep
3. The relaxing music that is played to lull you to sleep
4. The Qi rush through your body
5. The angle of bed

Who Would Benefit From This Technique?
Everybody and Anybody who has an aliment and is willing to step into an office an get the art of acupuncture done upon their body.

Community Resources:
Phoenix Rising Acupuncture Studio Glens Falls Hospital

Interview Questions

1. Is there a certain type of needle that has to be used?
Yes they are silicon coated disposable needles that are used

2. What is the oldest patient you’ve ever worked on?
The oldest patient I’ve ever worked on had to be 90 years old

3. What is the youngest patient that you’ve ever worked on?
The youngest would have to have been 6 months old being treated for asthma

4. What kind of degree/ school experience do you need to become an acupuncturist.
You need eight years of school I graduated from the most prestigious medical school in Oregon. You need everything a normal doctor does and that is a bachelors degree you need to go through your pre-med you need to go to an acupuncturists school for four years and they train you using many methods of reading pulses and memorizing the acupoints. You must also go through your residency in a hospital just like a normal doctor.