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Manipulation vs. Persuasion

When looking at ads most of the population never really takes into consideration on how much of an impact they have on the society. They are used for every product sold to make the company successful by showing off the skills they have and providing a product that can be helpful to you. Some advertisers are more successful than others when showing off their product by using skills they have and attracting the community’s attention. Most of the people who see advertisements believe that if something is being advertised in a certain way then it will work the way the advertisers say it will, most of the time that isn’t the case. Without advertisements companies would have a tough time selling their product. The two keys advertisers use to sell their product is by persuading and manipulating costumers into choosing their product over another brand that isn’t theirs. The Heinz ketchup bottle ad is used to persuade people to think that their product is the freshest and use real tomatoes when making their ketchup. The cigarette advertisement is trying to manipulate the audience to think cigarettes are cool and if you smoke them you will become popular. Manipulation and persuasion can go hand in hand sometimes and are difficult to tell the differences between the two sometimes. When trying to manipulate someone you’re trying to influence them or control them to falsify for one’s own advantage. Manipulating someone also takes skill to really manipulate someone and is done especially in an unfair way. Persuasion is when someone believes by appealing to reason or understanding or to cause to believe or to convince someone. Most people often get them confused but the definitions are not the same. The way manipulation is used in ads and the way the community sees it as if an ad is trying to make something look good for you but is most likely bad. To be manipulated the advertisers has to be really skilled and take control of the person who is looking at the ad. As for persuasion the advertisers are trying to persuade you into buying their product over another. The advertisers want to convince you that the product they sell would be the most beneficial for you. They don’t try to change your thoughts and control you like manipulation does.
The first ad chosen was on Heinz ketchup. There is a picture of cut up tomatoes shaped into a glass Heinz ketchup bottle. The tomatoes have the label on it and it looks exactly like a ketchup bottle you would usually see just made out of fresh cut tomatoes. It says on the bottom of the ad in medium size print “no one grows tomatoes like Heinz does.” The image fits perfect with the slogan by adding water drops to the ketchup bottle making it seem like the tomatoes are as fresh as can be. They also cut the tomatoes perfectly, almost each piece the same size as the one on top or bottom of it. At the top of the bottle they use the top of a tomato with the stem still on it and at the bottom of the bottle they use the bottom of the tomato. The body itself is cut out of the middle of the tomato just like regular slices you would cut just a little thicker. They leave the background red most likely to only use the colors they usually use for Heinz. The reason for the red background is to not take anything away from the image but yet kind of makes it blend in with the tomatoes.
Heinz advertisers want reassure you that the ketchup is made strictly out of tomatoes by not only making the bottle look like that but adding the stem effect on top of all the other tomatoes. What also makes this ad so great is that they used their creativeness and used their main slogan of “Grown not made” in the image by making the bottle out of tomatoes. Heinz ketchup tries to persuade people to think that the catch up is made fresh and not processed like most products. They want you to believe they use only fresh tomatoes