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Ad Analysis It happens once a month. It lasts for five to seven days. It is a time when a female becomes physically, emotionally, and mentally affected. It has been known to be a women’s worse nightmare. It’s the infamous menstrual cycle. The only thing that makes this time manageable is a good, reliable tampon. The Tampax Pearl ad persuades buyers to purchase their product through role models, settings, and props. The ad context is directed towards the teenage female population. A high school football field is the setting for the ad. The main characters portrayed are high school cheerleaders. They are all dressed in matching uniforms with blue and white tops, white skirts, and white shoes. They are perceived to be cheering in the middle of a high school football game. There is a girl doing a toe touch as she is tossed into the air by three other cheerleaders. There is a look of uncertainty on her face, as she attempts to smile. This brings a bit of humor to the ad. Above her head is the text reading “At a moment like THIS, I don’t care if my tampons came in a little black box.” The other 4 cheerleaders are doing individual jumps in the background. Near the bottom of the ad is a Tampax box that has the shape of a heart on the front of the package. Beneath the logo are the words “Outsmart Mother Nature,” outlined in pink. The bottom center of the ad also reads “Tampax Pearl with Cleanguard protects better than Kotex.” To persuade potential buyers the Tampax Company uses teenage role models. The girls in the ad all appear to be happy, healthy, and carefree teenage girls. I believe that cheerleaders were used in the ad because it’s a very active sport. The girls in the ad are very pretty, well groomed, and appear lighthearted. It’s my belief, young girls will recognize this and attempt try to relate with the role model cheerleaders. I had thoughts while reading this ad. If very active teenage girls are able to use this product and be as carefree as they appear, many teenagers girls will definitely follow in their footsteps. A football field is a well- known setting for high school kids. By the Tampax ad using a football field for the setting, it is designed to draw in the teenage consumer. The field gives the sense of being outside in the open fresh air. They are not limited on space as there is a wide, open range. The large area that the cheerleaders have to move, make the buyer feel unrestricted with the freedom to roam about. When females are on their periods we tend to shy away from wearing white due to the fear of showing leaks. The color white gives the perception of cleanliness and freshness. With the cheerleaders dressed in white skirts, the ad gives a sense of security to wear white without showing any evidence. With cheerleaders being as active as they are, they must have an absorbent tampon. In order to perform their stunts and not be concerned of leaking onto a white uniform. I think this further provides buyers with the confidence that you don’t have to let your period control your attire or your activity of choice. You will be protected through both. With the context used in this ad, it draws in the teenage girl as a consumer and encouraging her to buy the Tampax Pearl tampons. The audience is intended to be girls who have hit puberty and have their periods.