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Rylee Eakins
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Joy Lyle
April 13th, 2015
Halloween Special Advertising is the last piece of news media we can make seem positive and creative. In Vogue Magazine there are advertisements for subscription specials in almost every issue. Because of these offers the magazine has attained many of its subscribers sometimes signing them up free of charge. In the following paragraphs I will describe the different uses of language and graphics on a subscription coupon I found from an issue of Vogue Magazine.
The advertisement I chose to analyze was as I said before a coupon you can cut out and send into the company for a free years subscription to Vogue Magazine for a friend if you pay a small fee of twenty dollars. Along with this offer to help you and your friend, they throw in a FREE bag for your friend as a gift for becoming their newest subscriber. The ad is designed in a very simple way with the coupon on the left and the graphics to go along with the coupon on the right. The images are various Vogue covers along with the cover of the current issue and the photo of the bag you will receive with the subscription. It was also around Halloween time when this issue came out so there is a photo of a flashy pumpkin, considering vogue is all about flashy items.

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Vogue magazine is mostly for the younger people of society. Even in saying this,
I know many older people who enjoy the art they find in vogue magazine. Basically anyone with a taste for fashion can pick up this magazine to peek and all of the different outfits they have photos of. Vogue also has articles for the single girls looking for love and the married girls looking to spice up their relationships. Along with clothes you can get much help with your hair and makeup, not to mention, around the advertisement in the magazine I would have found different coupons for things to improve your health and complexion.
The advertisement is showing a positive suggestion, if you are looking for a good gift for someone what better than a magazine like Vogue? They even used the phrase
“never hurts to treat a pal” to show you it’s okay even when the holiday isn’t about giving to get someone something simple and nice. The ad is written in complete sentences that are imperative and convincing, the graphics are very ornate and flashy to get your attention and allow you to imagine what the upcoming issues will be like.
The magazine is giving other messages with this advertisement, sure the photos within are flashy and the clothes are very expensive, but fashion is a form of art that everyone should be able to look at. That’s why they are tending to every social class, offering a free subscription your friends and a discounted subscription for yourself. The deal seems very logical because everyone in the situation will win, no one has to pay for anything for a whole year! The magazine is showing it’s own success in this way by offering everyone a chance to look. The magazine is also giving it’s previous subscribers the chance to get their next years issues free, and they can actually show

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their friends how awesome the magazine really is. The deal definitely expands the fan base. The graphics on this advertisement are very clever and cliche, the Header is larger than the rest of the