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16 June 2014
Ad Analysis Assignment
Everyone’s Dream Walt Disney is a preeminent company in animation industry throughout the world, commonly known as Disney. Disney has been producing a quality family entertainment since 1920s. Therefore, almost every kid who was born after 20century has watched at least one of the Disney cartoon movies when they were growing up. Walt Disney not only has their Disney animation, in the 1950s, they also developed the Disneyland and the Walt Disney World Resort. Walt Disney World Resort is the American’s biggest tourist attraction and the most visited resort vacation in the world. According to the Disney official website, today, Walt Disney World has approximately 30,000 acres, about the size of San Francisco, or twice of the size of Manhattan: four theme parks, two water parks, two theme resorts, the Downtown Disney entertainment zone, and five golf courses.( Cited) This company is very successful in every parts of its business. However, What strategic would they use to attract people in their advertisement? A Walt Disney World Resort advertisement found in the May 2014 issue of FAMILYFUN magazine, it is a full-page ad features a picture of the moment when a little girl who dressed like the princess Snow White met the real princess Snow White. On the bottom of the picture with the main text heading reads: You never forget the first time your little princess meets her favorite princess. (CITED) A paragraph with further details follows: There’s a special age when your kids’ imaginations soar—and Walt Disney World Resort is the perfect place to make their little dreams com true in a big way. Whether they’re meeting Disney pals, flying on an elephant or splashing into a magically themed pool, you’ll never forget the storybook memories you’ll create together. So don’t wait, visit and start the magic today. (CITED) The logo of Walt Disney World and