Ad Council's Aids Campaign Essay

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Problem Statement: The Ad council AIDS campaign wasn’t successful launched the against AIDS campaign, low acceptance by the publicity due to promiscuity and mislead people to have casual sex and create thinking that use condom can be avoid risk with AIDS infection. Woman group felt the ads only emphasize responsibilities on woman but not on man and the men group suspected the credibility use of condoms may not able to prevent AIDS efficacy. Suggested Ad council to have another AIDS campaign to targeted group on heterosexually active woman, due to woman was high involvement with sexual activities from the figured 52% having had two to five sex partners, 21% for six or more partners reported. In other hand, woman seems more …show more content…
Media selection and scheduling:
Television: Television advertisement show Audrey Hepburn to said “Love yourself, to have better future, this is your own lifetime!”. Launch this TV advertisement during 7pm to 9:30pm, because people watch TV program or new when they back home, and people also watch TV show around 8pm – 9:30pm, this is most high rate of audience timing. • Ads would show before and after 7pm new • Ads would show before and after “female cooking show” • Ads would show before, middle, and after the household serial TV program and opera.
Radio: To broadcast Audrey Hepburn to said “Love yourself, to have better future, this is your own lifetime!” during the peak time. • Earlier morning 8:30am – 9:30am (Everyone get for work for school) • Afternoon 3:00pm – 4:00pm (woman tea time) • Night time 6:00 – 7:00 (Peak hour when people off duty back home, high broadcast audiences)
Slogan of the advertisement: If you not care about yourself, who would care about you?
By understand the theory of reasoned action, after woman determines and evaluated important of their own risk taking by having unsaved sexual contact can be spoil and damage the happiness in their lifetime. Woman is convinced and persuade to their negative attitude on sexual behaviors. After woman has change their attitude by understanding about negative effect of unsaved sexual activities. The woman is able