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Daisy Sour Cream Ad

This ad is for Daisy sour cream, but it also includes a link to a lemon cheesecake recipe that uses Daisy sour cream as a main ingredient. In this ad they use a variety of light colors to make the color of yellow from the lemon cheesecake pop out. The background is a light blue color which is very pleasing to the eyes and it contrast well with the simple colors of the Daisy sour cream container. In this ad it shows slices of lemon cheesecake, which portray the petals of a daisy flower.
For the stem of the flower it uses Daisy’s signature slogan to form the stem shape from the flower to the Daisy sour cream container, which is used to portray a flowerpot. This ad did a great job using very simple shapes and colors to get its message across which is the key to advertising. Even an elementary aged student would be able to make the correlation between the shape of the ad and the name of the company.

Del Monte Green Beans Ad In this ad it shows a branch with green beans falling off of it in to a can of Del Monte green beans. This ad uses a bright yellow background, which is used to portray the effect of sun shining on the branch and can of green beans. For the branch and green beans it uses very realistic colors to show you how fresh the green beans are that they use for their cans of green beans. They also use a picture of there actual can to show what the product looks like so a customer can easily recognize it. At the bottom of the ad, it sais in bright red letters “Bursting With Life” to again elaborate on how fresh there vegetables are. By using the red lettering it automatically pulls the readers attention to the comment so they do not miss it. Another thing this ad does by showing the green beans falling in to the can is that they are saying they are as fresh as they would be picked right from the branch. Also above the red lettering there’s black subtitle also re assuring the customer that the green beans they are buying are fresh.

Shutter Stock Ad
This ad is the most basic of the three I picked but in my opinion it is the most visually appealing.…