Ad-Lider Embalagens, Sa: Marketing Research for Drawstring Thrash Bags in Brazil Essay

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This case basically talks about Ad- Liner Packaging Inc, Brazil’s largest manufacturer of plastic bags and packaging, and their decision of launching of new drawstring trash bags named Climp Fecha Facil. With the investment of one million dollars already done to purchase new machines for production of the new trash bags the stake seem to be high. Market analysis regarding perceived acceptance, packaging preferences and the perceived feature for the new trash bag are done with three focus group in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro of housewives living in apartments and houses. In order to learn more about the population a market test is conducted in Sendas Supermarket in Rio. Purchase intercept interviews were conducted with the
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Marketing orientation
In order for a business to be marketing-oriented, they need to focus on needs of the market. They need to be able to address the needs of the market. We can see in the case that company initially came up with the product even before trying the actual requirement of the market. Furthermore the product is not customer focus as they produced the product and then tried to identify the market that best fits the product. The company should have initially tried to identify their target market before producing the product. Without identifying who the probable customer are, the company producing the product points out to the fact that they are not marketing-oriented.
For marketing purpose advertising decision brand image development plays a significant role while introducing the product. In the case we see little emphasis given by the company regarding those curtail decision. This highlights to the fact that the company has given little emphasis towards marketing decision.
Evaluation of methodology used
The methodology of focus group and purchase intercept interviews is very effective because of following reasons. 1. Focus group consists of target customers. i.e. middle aged women. 2. Focus group has different variety of women. Such as one focus group consist of housewives and another consist of apartment wives in Sao Paulo and it consist of only apartment wives in Rio de Janerio. 3. Differences