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Advertising media planning


Executive summary

Gregg’s Coffee wish to complete a spring consumer advertised promotion in October of 2013. The client wants to achieve a minimum of 250 Tarps across the five main metropolitan newspapers in New Zealand; The New Zealand Herald, The Waikato Times, The Dominion Post, The Press and the Otago Daily Times. The budget has no monetary limit and is task related therefore the client will agree to the campaign that reaches the minimum of 250 TARPS.
Gregg’s coffee, our client wishes to introduce a four week spring advertising campaign for the month of October 2013. The campaign will run across the five main metropolitan areas of New Zealand: Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and involve full page colour ads and the use of the Sunday papers in only the first two weeks of the campaign. The target audience of the campaign will be 20-49 year olds. Gregg’s has advised us that the budget is task related and once the objectives set by Gregg’s are met then the campaign will come to an end.
The period between Feb 2012 and Jan 2013 resulted in $6,503,830, being spent on advertising by coffee brands and 70% of this was advertised on television compared to that of only 2% in newspapers. Moccona spent the highest amount; $1,684,572, followed by our client Greggs; $1,548,006. However Greggs used the largest range of channels to advertise to consumers. .
Auckland has the highest TARPS with 261.02 points and Christchurch has the lowest with 250.63.
Men are slightly more likely to read the paper than women.
The campaign can meet its total goal of minimum 250 TARPS in the five main metropolitan centres over the four week period at a final cost of $424,588.53

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This report has been prepared for our client Gregg’s Coffee. The client ‘Gregg’s coffee’ wishes to conduct a 4 week spring consumer advertising campaign for the month of October 2013. The campaign will feature full colour advertisements in each of the five main metropolitan newspapers throughout New Zealand. The campaign will use newspapers as a sole medium and the target audience will be consumers based in the five main centres aged between 20-49 years old.

Competitive ad spends
The information below is being supplied to show the expenditure amount coffee brands within New Zealand spend each year on advertising and what channels of advertising they utilise to promote their brands. The period covered below is from February 2012 to January 2013. All data collected is sourced from Neilson Research Company- AdViews Online.
The Four major brands within the information are Gregg’s, Moccona, Nescafe and Vittoria.