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A deeper meaning


Comm 2600

Throughout the world exists many forms of segregation; it is usually based in age, race, sexual orientation, or sex. Campaign advertisements can challenge these forms of segregation such as the United Nations Women Campaign for equality between the sexes. They use actual auto-complete answers from the popular online search engine Google to show the bias that still exists towards women (UN Women, 2013). What is the point of these ads? They use different levels of perspective, the transmissional perspective and ritual perspective, to affect how an audience thinks or feels (Baran, 2009). The UN Women Campaign advertisement brings shocking information into the open. Women gained the right to vote through the 19th amendment and through that gained equal rights or that is what we all assumed. All of the searches posted on the campaign advertisements are real and were retrieved on March 9th of this year from multiple countries including the United States. They claim things such as women should not have rights, should not speak in church, or should be slaves (UN Women, 2013). These derogative views are widespread and that is the most shocking information of all. This ad campaign is designed to evoke emotion from its audience; especially the women. It shows not only how terribly women are thought of in different countries but also that our country is not free of this stigma (UN Women, 2013).This is where the transmissional perspective comes in. It is all about control; how to make the audience do the desired action (Baran, 2009). In this campaign the message is pretty simple: the stereotypes against women are unfair and have no factual evidence to back them up. It is the job of the citizens to stand up against this injustice and right this wrong. This is what the authors of this campaign are trying to imply. The ritual perspective is slightly more complicated than the transmissional perspective. It is not simply about transferring a message telling the audience what to do. It is a piece of the overall information that combines to maintain and repair societal problems (Baran, 2009). So what kind of wisdom were the creators of the campaign trying to impart on us? Obviously inequality between the sexes is inappropriate, unfounded, and sexist but how can this be changed? It is necessary for the citizens to stand up for women’s rights. Culture cannot change without opposition from a group of adamant willed activists. Change cannot happen without effort.
Why did it take so long for this information to surface? During everyday life it is common to hear about how women have now become the dominant sex. Despite this claim, women still receive less money than