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Rui Song

Q1: With the development of society and technology, people are tend to watch website than television, in this case, on-line advertising will become more fashion and prepared by most of us, but there are still a large amount of population that likely watch more TV than website. Therefore, on-line advertising will be more popular but traditional advertising are not dead.

Q3: The Internet user is in a “leaning forward” mind-set, which means he or she is goal driven and ads represent an interruption to them.
Disadvantages: potential user distraction or interruptions; rapid change, short lead time.

Q6: Internet cookies are small groups of information in text format that are downloaded to your computer and help website to record and track your activity in the website, such as which web page you visited and your item in your shopping cart. It is somehow invading your information for the service provider, but as long as you were not doing anything bad, it will not harm security of your personal information.

Q2: Balance-of-power shift to retailers Increased Brand Parity and Price Sensitivity Reduced Brand Loyalty
In the following decade, the sale promotion indeed, will increase. Because people are more and more price sensitivity, sale person need to pay more attention on sales promotion rather than pricing of product.

Q8: Less deal elastic means even firm decreased price of product, the sale of product will not be effected very much. For example, as one of the most popular sport gear producer-Nike may not likely