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Unit 2: DISCRIMINATORY practices that may take place in health and social care sectors
Adaeze Lawson
Assignment for Mrs Anderson
Definition of discrimination
Discrimination simply means making a judgment against someone else by the way they dress or the way they speak or it can be the people are discriminated (out casted/left out) because they choose to be different or have a disability or different colour of skin or even religion. Discrimination is unfair treatment of a person action based on prejudice. There are so many ways in which people can be discriminated against, for example, people can be discriminated against because of their; race culture religion level of education disability age skin colour eye colour sex sexual orientation dialect I will now go further by explaining the different type of discrimination
Culture is very important for every individual. It shows their identity. Cultural discrimination means when an individual is from different background or culture and follows his/her rules truly but are disliked by other people because of their different lifestyle and following and do not give his /her equal rights in their daily lives. It is who they are and is developing within a family or social group they are raised in. Religion
In care setting such as a care home a person believe in. They could be of Buddhist faith and they have a set of values that they believe in. They could get discriminated against because carer don’t believe in what they believe in or simply don’t understand the faith. They may discriminate against this person because they don’t provide time for them to pray or they don’t respect the way they dress or don’t provide the right food for that religion.
For example:
A social care provider which runs a day centre decides to apply a ‘no hats or
Other headgear’ rule to service users. If this rule is applied in exactly the same
Way to every service users, Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and Rastafarians who may
Cover their heads as part of their religion will not be allowed to use the drop-in
Centre. Unless the social care provider