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Mayeli Orozco
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7 October 2013

The Renaissance has changed the world in more ways than one. It brought up many new ideas and views that would be appreciated of much importance in years to come. The Renaissance has influenced majority of things the culture and issues of places throughout the world. Renaissance is often known as the rebirth. Another name for the Renaissance is rebirth. During this time the ideas of the ancient Romans and Greeks have had began to come back. People were excited A new sense of purpose to find new knowledge and understanding for things they did not get began to surface. Poets and thinkers had the most impact a great influence on ideas such as humanism. Such These ideas for instance reflected lead to events like the Scientific Revolution. Overall, Renaissance humanism had a significant influence on Catholic, Protestant, and scientific reformations. Catholic reforms looked at humanism for inspiration. People have had become much more open minded to new ideas and began to request greater freedoms. People liked began to express their opinions and ideas, learned from the Renaissance but they however, these ideas often conflicted with the church. The church had to let go or lose support. The church needed to decide whether to move forward with society or lose many supporters to the new knowledge coming forth. People Great minds seeking knowledge such as Nicolaus Copernicus and Isaac Newton were also controlled by the church which was bad for society limited in what they could study because of the church’s disapproval of the study of sciences. As time went on the church had to adapt and further accept their believes the ideas of society before as more and more people did began to accept them. Newton for instance claimed that there is a direct connection between science and religion. Protestants were one of the first ones to seeking seek change within the church. The control of the church was so great that the views and ideas of the Protestants could not be spread and were