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Girls Wear Too Much Makeup
Ah yes, we’ve finally arrived at this topic! I’m a girl so I know where you’re coming from. You feel insecure or ugly; you think a little makeup will help you look prettier? The more the merrier?

Haha no no no.

In our modern society I see way to many girls wearing heaps of makeup, WAY too much; makeup is supposed to be subtle right?

So how much makeup should you wear? Well, a little makeup is ok, a little mascara is ok, and a little lip gloss is ok. But when you add bronzer, lip stick, lip gloss, lip liner, mascara, eyeliner pencil, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow and half a litre of fucking tango, you look as fake as a porn stars tits. I could wipe 90% of your ‘beauty’ off with a towel.

Girls wear makeup, that’s a given; either to hide unwanted blemishes, pimples, moles or just simply to look good. I know in our teen years hiding pimples is a major thing, especially from boys! As if you want to see your crush, with a zit bang in the middle of your forehead? So we girls tend to cover it with foundation, until it’s not visible, every… last… bit… Please don’t do that, because you end up looking like you’ve stuck your face in a bowl of fucking flour.

Another thing I don’t understand, is blonde ‘barbie girl’ wanna be’s, with big, black, thick eyebrows, that take up half their forehead. Being blonde myself, yes I understand we can’t dye our eyebrows blonde because we’d end up looking like Miley Cyrus; once a cute brunette Disney star known for her family friendly pop songs and 'butter wouldn't melt' attitude now, a provocative singer with a cropped undercut hairdo, a plethora of tattoos and now, invisible eyebrows. However, boys always slag us off for having slugs on our face, so to my eyes we’re quite fucked for options. Shit, wait no I found a solution! Use less makeup? I’m surprised how so many girls just don’t know the limits; they feel the job is only complete when the foundation pot is too, along with the eyebrow pencil, which has to be sharpened down to a thimble.

One of my biggest issues is with girls who wear makeup at the wrong time; yes I’m talking about at the gym. Why coat your face in flour when you’re about to go do exercise? I see girls layering it on in the changing rooms before going out to impress the guy they think is looking at them, when actually he’s thinking who’s the cunt with the orange face, flat arse and push-up bra to disguise those poor effort for pancakes. First off it is not good for your skin; mixing makeup and sweat only leads to acne, which will probably lead to applying more makeup to cover even more acne. Second of all, girls it looks tacky; when you take that