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Kimiko Fujita Adam Grant argues that college application systems are not where they should be, and that we need to work to fix them. In his intro he talks about the different kinds of students and how some are treated unfairly due to some test. At the beginning of this year I went in front of the class and argued the same thing. Artistic and creative kids aren’t getting as much credit as the kids who can memorize things in a textbook. I’m not saying, and I’m sure he isn’t as well, that there aren’t kids who can do both but the kids that are only capable of one should be scoped out with a better system. In the first chunk he attempts to establish credibility, but in my opinion fails. I believe he tried so hard to get in as many facts and “important companies” that he just lost his audience’s attention . This not take away from the argument though. This argument doesn’t need credibility to be valid. He proves his point through relatable knowledge, and facts that don’t put you to sleep. Moving on to the second chunk, this was more about how to make the change and caught attention very quickly. He brought up a placed called an assessment center where kids are tested on many more things than just math and english. They are tested on their social skills, their creativity level, and of course, their learning skills. I believe this is a better way for students to be tested, and a clearly a more fair way. Students will be penalized less harshly on the fact that they can’t remember