Adam Shepard Analysis

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Compare and Contrasting McCandless and Shepard
No matter who you are, peoples actions always affects other in some way. Ordinary people like Chris McCandless and Adam Shepard impacted the people they meet during their project in good and bad ways. Chris McCandless,tries to get away from the terrible things in the world and goes to live on his own by going on his great alaskan adventure. In Which he lives in an abandoned bus with nobody but himself and little equipment. Then there's Adam Shepard the man who proves the american dream is still alive by leaving home with the cloths on his back, a sleeping bag, and $25 . While both Adam Shepard and Chris McCandless both showed to be admirable, Adam Shepard’s project showed society a better life
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Chris McCandless had a pretty great family but their family hid the fact that both of his parents had affaires from him and maybe that is why he left them without wanting to speak to them at all. He even changed his name to Alex so he would not be found by his family. Also as a kid he was said to march to his own beat of a drum, like when McCandless’s friend Westerberg says“ ‘once Alex made up his mind about something there was no changing it’ ” (Krakauer 5). McCandless was a very smart and cocky person his father says in the book death of an innocent written by Jon Krakauer, and that is probable the reason that he thought he could survive in alaska all alone with little resources. Yet most people see what his did as something stupid, his journey was not at all admirable, only did it benefit himself and hurt others. Now Adam Shepard had a very nice family and didn’t leave them for any other reason than to prove Barbara Ehrenreich wrong. The fact that he had a college education, he was a young white male, and he only had himself to take care of made what he did much easier but his project proved to be a more useful lesson in life. As the moral of Chris McCandless story was “ happiness is only real when shared” ( McCandless) and Adam Shepard message was if you have a good attitude and work hard you may be able to pick yourself up again, therefore making Adam Shepard a better …show more content…
This lead Jon Krakauer to write about Chris McCandless and lead people to want to know more about how Adam shepard achieve the american dream. Chris McCandless impacted people on the way to his journey. He was constantly making new friends and all of them hoped he would stay with him, but McCandless was fixed on achieving his dream. To survive in the wild of Alaska and live of the land. He helped many people like “McCandless would rather wander the seedier quarters of Washington, chatting with pimps and hookers and homeless people, buying them meals, earnestly suggesting ways they might improve their lives” (Krakauer 7-8). He always wanted to help people and help make them feel happy. He had a positive influence on people but his journey didn't have any positive influence on people, if anything it made everyone mourn for him, but they knew who Chris McCandless was. On the other hand Adam Shepherd used his project for good, to prove to people that they can successfully achieve the american dream. He helped many people in the process of his project. He helped people that met him in the shelter and that worked with him. Shepard showed his friends that they can get out of the hole that they fell in if they just work hard and have a good attitude. Even Barbara Ehrenreich proves that others attitudes can impact others “By staying at home and collecting welfare, [parents] set a toxic