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Academy of Well being Children Young Peoples Workforce Observation Activity Planning Booklet INCLUDEPICTURE http// MERGEFORMATINET JH2013 Observation 1 - To Assess Physical Skills Child Identifier Age Considerations Manipulative Skills YES NOCan make marks using a variety of tools Can hold a cup without spilling the contents Can build a tower of five bricks Can cut with scissors held in one hand Can draw a recognisable picture of a person Can use a knife and fork to eat Can fold a piece of paper into two roughly equal halves Can screw and unscrew plastic nuts and bolts in a construction set Can fasten buttons on own clothing Balance and awareness of space YES NOCan hop Can stand on one leg for a short time Can join hands in a circle without adult assistance Can walk in a line with others without collision Can jump off a low bench Can walk along a low bench with adult assistance Can jump over an obstacle Can find a clear space in which to dance Can freeze in position and stay still for a short period of time Co-ordination skills YES NO Can thread beads onto a lace Can move appropriately during rhymes and finger-plays Can fill containers using tools (spoons, jugs, etc) Can throw a ball/beanbag Can hit a ball with a bat Can hit a target with a ball/beanbag Can skip using a skipping rope held by others Gross motor skills YES NOCan run Can march Can skip Can travel while jumping Can pedal a wheeled vehicle Can climb steps/ladder Can slide down a slide Can demonstrate different ways of moving (crawling, wriggling, rolling) Can move confidently and safely with and without large apparatus Health and bodily awareness YES NORecognises the importance of keeping healthy and knows about contributing factors Recognises the changes that happen to his/her body when they are active Evaluation What did the child achieve easily or with support What did the child find difficult/challenging Where does your childs development link within the EYFS or your Curriculum area There was an activity set for JB to contribute which was called repetitive pattern this instructions of this activity was to make sure she had a worksheet with a brick pattern on it and then shehad to complete the activity by threading the coloured bricks into the correct order. During this I noticed that JB found it really easy to complete. I recognised this due to her finishing first and beating the time set. During a game of rounders I as a practitioner recognised that JB found it really difficult and challenging to hit a ball with a bat. However this means that JB struggles to do hand eye co-ordination. Recommendations- make 2 suggestions of how you could support further development in a particular area i.e. gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance etc. (This could be through adaptation of a specific activity) One of your suggestions will be carried out and evaluated using the Activity Plan on the next page. Remember, your activity or adaptation does not always have to be successful. This is why it is important to continually adapt your practice to meet individual needs. One of my suggestions on how I could support further development is to create an activity for example rounders. By creating one of these activities and completing one then this should hopefully achieve JBS hand eye co-ordination. However I as a practitioner knows that it will take more than 1 attempt of the activity for her to improve in her development so this I why I would make sure these types of activities are becoming regular within the planning set. My second suggestion could be to have 2 teams for example red and blue. Once the children have been organised into groups each team have to sit at the opposite side of the carpet. When the children are organised and ready to go ahead with the activity each individual has to throw the ball to the other side and then who ever