Adaptation and Hp Company Essay

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It seems that HP Company did not change the talent strategy, but it really did some actions to face the economic crisis. Although HP Company is a big company, the case has some places for SMEs to learn. HP Company divided the whole company into small "organization", and allowed the unit leader of the "organization" with greater autonomy in order to make it easier for companies to adapt to the changing external environment. In this special period, HP Company dispatch the actuate talent to the actuate position.
It is much easier to control each small organization than a whole big company. In each organization, the leader of it has right to decide. On the other hand, the engineers did not do his work but also served as marketing and customers’ management.
This adjust was a significant risk for all of the employees. Employees who can stay in the company depend on who had ability to face the bad situation and give a support to the company. So, HP Company provided specialized training. According to the summarized data, there are 20% of trained employees adapted their work immediately, 70% of them would up to standard in the next training. Unfortunately, there was 10% was out of the game. It would reduce the fees for excess salary.
The employees would be tension and negative because of the tough economic and the great internal change. So HP Company decided to implement a comprehensive transparent on information. The message would be timely formed to all of the