Adaptation and Internet Research Essay

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ADAPTATIONS TO THE ENVIRONMENT: A Zoo & internet research project

The desert. The polar region. The tropical rain forest. The diversity of biomes is primarily due to two abiotic factors. First, the amount of HEAT that reaches the earth’s surface per unit area decreases as the angle of incident increases near the poles. Second, the amount of PRECIPITATION varies with regional air and water circulation patterns and local geographic features. Animals need to be adapted specifically for their biome in order to be successful. In this zoo assignment, you will select six different animals from six different biomes to observe. As you visit the exhibits, you will analyze the physical characteristics of the animals in search of adaptations that may make them more fit to live in its environment.


A. Zoo research

Create and complete a chart for six different animal species from six different biomes. Refer to the questions below for more details about completing the table. Gather information as you visit the exhibits. 1. Common name and exhibit number. 2. Scientific name 3. Biome: What biome is the animal naturally found in? 4. Habitat: What is the habitat of the animal? Does it live in water, on land, or in both places? 5. skeleton: Does the animal have an endoskeleton? Or an exoskeleton? 6. Segmentation: Is the animal naturally found in? 7. Appendages: Does it have paired appendages? How many? 8. Respiration: How does the animal obtain oxygen? ( Through lungs, gills, skin, or a combination of these?) 9. Sense organs: Are there any sense organs visible? If so, what kinds are they? Where are they located? 10. Locomotion: How does the animal move from one place to another? 11. Feeding: How does the animal capture and take in food? 12. Body Heat: Is the animal and ectotherm (“cold blooded”) or an endotherm (“ warm blooded”) 13. Heat adaptions: If the animal lives in an arid region, how does it get rid of extra heat? If the animal lives in a cold region, how does it conserve body heat? 14. Behavior: are there any behavioral adaptations that you have ovserved that would be an advantage in the species natural environment?

B. Internet research

You will find and review