Adaption: Painting and Water Essay

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Arilla Broadus
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He shall be like the tree planted by the river of the water that brings forth fruit in its season whose leaf will not wither and whatever he does shall prosper (Psalms 1:3). I chose this text to do my adaptation on because one day while I was reading after the class was assigned this it came to me that this would be prefect to try and turn into something else than what it already was. I also wanted to show the religious side of me in a painting. I thought the words spoke a beautiful way and illustration of this verse that’s why I and that’s how I came up with a painting instead of turning it into a poem or skit or movie.
What my text means verses the original text is I felt some things that are said are also more beautifully and meaningful to a paintings. I thought maybe it was like the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think it shows how life with him is so graceful. That you do not ever have to worry about things wither away in any form. That a person’s life will not perish and you will live eternally beautiful. I am not sure very many people would interpret the verse as I did in this painting.
The painting is done on an artist’s canvas panel, which are mostly used by fine arts studio. I chose this board rather than the other plain canvas because of the texture that it is made of. I think the bumpy texture gives my painting a raw look and rough edge to it also. The texture also gives my water a little bit of a motion. The tree is giving the roughness looking as a real tree bark would have if it were a moist tree. I used water colors to paint with. I thought about the artist tube paint but I felt like it would not exceed my expectation. I thought my texture would no longer be important if I used what a real painter would use. The water colors were a little bit harder to work with though, it took me many times to get the right colors to mix together for my river to look basically decent. Though painting to tree with the water colors were not so bad because in a real tree the color varies as if the sun only hits certain spots.
Instead of a tree filled with tons of leaves I felt as it just needed branches. I did not want it to seem like something a person would feel as if God were to paint it as he talks about it in the Bible. I have the roots flowing from out the river to show you that everything needs water to make it become beautiful and strong. Without water this tree would be a shrub and would not bear the fruit and leaves that are grow on it. I added pebbles in the water because that’s just what I picture a river having in it. My fruit