Adaptors: Apostrophe and Adaptors Essay example

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SPCH 130
September 30, 2013
Using Adaptors People do not always realize that they are using adaptors when they are communicating with people. I have been paying more attention to peoples responses to awkward situations more this week. When people become nervous, they normally find some movement of their body that helps them feel better and more secure. I don't think that most people even notice that they do this until being told. Most people have the same adaptors, like playing with their hair, clicking a pen, fixing their clothing, or something to make them feel like they are busy when they feel uncomfortable. A few nights ago, I saw a lady at a bar. There weren't too many people there, so I noticed her carrying a napkin the whole night. I noticed she didn't feel too comfortable with the other women that she was with. Then I realized that every time she would finish a drink, she would keep the napkin from under the cup and play with it in her hand. When one of the women in her party would talk to her she would start rolling the napkin and folding it in her hands, until she got a new drink. It was as if she did not feel comfortable with having nothing in her hands at any time. After noticing this I started to look around at other people. I saw a couple who looked like they were on a date. The female looked very confident and not nervous at all. The male, on the other hand, looked like he was a little stressed out. He was constantly playing with his shirt. He must have made sure that his shirt was tucked in correctly fifteen times within ten minutes. I do not think that the women noticed at all, because she was talking…