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ADD and ADHD’s effect on Indecisiveness Christina J. Pacholik Trinity Christian College

Abstract In this experiment, we will be studying to see if indecisiveness could be another symptom of ADD and ADHD. We will also study to see if ADD and ADHD makes indecisiveness more prone to those with ADD and ADHD, than those who do not have ADD and ADHD. This experiment focuses on Adult ADD and ADHD to get a more accurate result. By studying this we can answer many of people’s questions on why people with ADD and ADHD have a harder time deciding, performing daily tasks, and staying focused. Through all the symptoms, we may be able to link them to Indecisiveness, and explore what none have explored before with ADD and ADHD.

ADD and ADHD’s effect on Indecisiveness Questions have been raised on whether adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder) play a role in indecisiveness. It is important for one to understand the effect of ADD and ADHD on indecisiveness to determine if this is a factor or failure to plan correctly and perform daily life activities. First we need to understand what ADD and ADHD really is. ADD and ADHD are defined as a neurologically based condition characterized by problems with attention, impulse control, and hyperactivity. We also need to understand what some of the cause of ADD and ADHD are. According to Charlotte Amenkhienan (1994), with a Ph.D. from Virginia tech, states “experts believe that ADD has a large genetic component, and is caused by a neuro-chemical disconnection between two parts of the frontal lobes inside the brain. This affects the central nervous system’s development, and thus causes impairment in the ability to concentrate.” Since the experiment that is being performed has two different disorders we need to also learn about the difference between ADD and ADHD. The main difference is ADD is just Attention Deficit disorder without the hyperactivity. One with ADHD has many of the same symptoms just more extreme than those with ADD. ADHD is caused because of the size and structure of the brain areas differ especially, a lack of activity in the frontal area, which is a term, called “hypofrontality”. This is linked to a deficiency of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, both of which are involved with arousal and alertness. Low serotonin is linked to impulsivity and problematic behavior, which is where we see our symptoms arise. Adult ADD and ADHD shows through procrastination, impulsive, and restless according to Rebecca Leung (2009). In her article she talks about how these symptoms, and the questions that are asked on the written or verbal test given by doctors, determines if one has ADD and the level. ADHD as stated by Steve Pliszka, Caryn Carlson, and James Swanson, has oppositional behavior, aggression, and antisocial behavior as symptoms most frequently comorbid with ADHD (Pliszka, Carlson, & Swanson 1999). While reading a journal by Melinda Beck (2010), I learned that Adult ADD/ADHD causes:
“Adults to more typically have trouble with paying attention, focusing and prioritizing. Managing time and money are particularly difficult (Beck2010). In the article Beck later states a direct quote from Dr. Goldberg saying: "what it really is, is a disturbance of the executive functions of the brain -- it's the inability to plan things, to initiate them at the appropriate time, not to skip any of the steps and to terminate them at the appropriate time," says Dr. Goldberg. "An awful lot of these people are very bright but they can't keep it together. They keep screwing things up."
This is a little background information on what ADD and ADHD does to the inattention level, but nowhere in those two journals about ADD and ADHD do they address indecisiveness. When researching more about the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, there was an article that pinpointed different symptoms that are accompanied with ADD/ADHD. The article is called