Adderall Argumentative Essay

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Adderall is an amphetamine designed to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, Narcolepsy and Depression by increasing the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, chemicals in the brain responsible for boosting alertness and attention. As a result, Adderall can increase the cognitive capabilities in a healthy individual who take it for recreational usage. Adderall is an extended or instant release pill that is prescribed only to combat psychological disorders. However, because of the effectiveness of Adderall to enhance brain function, it is often used by students looking to gain assistance in academia. Therefore, Adderall has become a staple in academia for gaining a competitive edge in a college student’s curriculum The use of Adderall in academia is a controversial topic because of the risk versus reward of the brain-stimulants abilities. In addition to allowing the brain to process information with greater efficiency, Adderall has negative effects to the consumer, including irritability, restlessness, cardiac issues and trouble sleeping. Also, Adderall can be frowned upon by other college students for their deemed “unfair advantage” given to them by the drug’s cognitive-stimulating abilities. Furthermore, the use of Adderall is a felony …show more content…
Therefore causing consequences to college students who become dependent on Adderall corresponding to sleep and eating disorders, irritability and heart complications. Although the positives of Adderall are incredible in reference to cognitive improvements, the consequences can be just as impactful to the college student who do not know them. Health risks remain a major liability when using Adderall, but ethical complications can also develop into negative