Addiction: Addiction and Social Networking Essay example

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Ceceila Hall
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What is Addiction?

Addiction can be physical or psychological, it could be a habit forming substance. Addiction could be to any substance under the sun, it could be to work, games, social networking, food or even shopping. It all depends on ones interest and how they feel while doing these activities. One basic problem with addiction is that it cannot be resisted on a permeant basis and even after a very long time, the urge for that interest may linger within us. Being over involved in whatever you do is also another version of becoming addicted. Addiction does not happen in one day, it gradually develops and similarly to get rid if, it also takes some time, and does not evolve over night. To effectively deal with addiction is to establish a strong sense of commitment, to whatever it takes to get rid of the habit.

Scientific research has proven follow that addiction is a brain disease and matters in ones life. The attuned towards addicts has always been disapproval. Addiction is seen as a personal failing, or a bad habit. It is basically a biological phenomenon.We mostly see people becoming addicted to more and more negative habits rather then the positive habits, and that is the reason why when we hear Addiction we automatically think drugs or alcohol. In fact "drugs and alcohol" are the toughest addictions to get rid of, as each time an addict tries to stay away; they mentally gravitate toward it. Research has shown that when drugs are being used along with some other additives like gambling or sex, it causes the brain to release Dopamine which is a chemical involved in experiencing pleasure. This urge is very powerful, the urge to want more of these pleasures may make one get addicted to the usage of these drugs, the brain could become altered and cannot reach the level of pleasure without usage of drugs. Some people believe that addiction is a biological disease, while some others believe that addiction is primarily a behavioral problem. A debate also comes in handy when it comes to treating an addict. Those who believe that addiction is a disease would favor a treatment that includes medication and therapy, those who believe addiction is a behavioral problem, believes that with moderate intake and with a commitment one can kick the addiction habit. Apart from the drugs and alcohol, the other kinds of addictions that are mostly seen are, sex, social networking, coffee/soda consumption, shopping, gambling, workouts and many more the list can keep going. These kinds of addictions also develope over a period of time. For example social networking was not that popular several years ago, being connected socially has its advantages and disadvantages. One could stay connected to a long list of friends and family members across the globe as an advantage, but excessive usage and always surfing the net without a break can be dangerous, especially among children. If not restricted at an early stage, this habit could develop into an addiction which may be difficult to get rid of at a later stage. A habit that is cultivated and cannot be controlled and hence getting dependent on it to cope with daily life.

Through out here I have mentioned habits and addiction, what is the difference between the two?