Addiction and Double Edged Sword Essay

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Since the introduction of the computer many years ago, people everywhere are hopeful that the day will come where all our manual task would be replaced by a tool that would make our lives a lot more convenient. Never have we imagine in those days that as with any new technology, there is always a downside to it. Computers by themselves are not the culprits we would like to accuse of for all our present day generation woes, like online gambling, pornography and even addictive games that youngsters spend hours a day on instead of doing more productive work. Computers are like a double edged sword in the sense that it does wonders when we utilize it to help solve manual tasks, preparation of documents, presentation of Powerpoint slides and much more. But on downside, computer addiction robs people of precious time that should have been spent elsewhere. So, what are the common form of addiction as far as computers are concern? We cannot separate the computer from the internet as both of them are integrate. Almost every computer is wired to the internet, and that opens the floodgates of information, be it knowledge or internet trash.
Computer addiction takes several forms. The addiction we are talking about is not to the computer or the internet per se, but rather to what comes through the pipeline. Internet pornography is one form of computer addiction, and it perpetuates a generation of permissiveness, distorting the morals of people enmass, both young and old. Such forms of addiction tramples upon moral values as we know it, and s a major cause of concern among parents. Then, we have internet casinos and gaming or gambling sites. People lose their money and fortune just sitting right there in front of the screen. It fuels the issues that people are already grabbling with, like greed and obessessiveness. The more benign form of addiction, though some may argue tha this is an understatement, are internet games. Although one feels the excitment of playing online games, one could hardly resist been addicted to the program. This is valuable time wasted, especially for