Addiction and Video Games Essay

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Nickesha Borno 3/20/13 Appendix E
Part 1: The Annotated Bibliography

Roberts, Alan. 4 (Jan 2010): 3. Scholastic Choices and in Education, teaching methods and curriculum, children and youth hooked on games: Hooked on Games: Health Scholastic Choices 25
Roberts Alan 4 (Jan 2010) uses a study that was done by Douglas Gentile, an assistant professor of psychology at Iowa State University. The study was about children between age 8 and 18 was addicted to video games. There are some many children are addicted to video games and it show in their daily life meaning it effect their school work, diet, stealing things play there video-game and their behavior. The result of the study showed that these children are likely to diagnose with attention problems.
Roberts Alan 4 (Jan 2010) the reason why this source is credible is because there were a study done on kids and teens between the age of 8 and 18. The person who conducts the study is an assistant professor of psychology at Iowa State University. It provides information on what happen to children who play video games every day and how it effect there life’s as school wise and also health wise. I think this source will help me in my final paper because it shows what happen to children who are addicted to video games.

DONNA ST GEORGE. 20 Apr 2009 some children are truly addicted to video games, study concludes: Children and Youth Addictions and Attention deficit Disorder: The Washington Post Virginian - Pilot [Norfolk, Va]: A.6.
DONNA ST GEORGE. 20 Apr 2009 in this source there was study done on kids who plays many video games on a daily basis. It shows that children become more irritability or restlessness when playing games is scaled back. Also it shows how much parent and children would spend on these games, children would rather steal money to buy these games so they can play it, they will risk life for a video game. These kids use these video games to escaping there problems by playing through these video games, they also lie about how hours spend play games.
DONNA ST GEORGE. 20 Apr 2009 this source is credible and can be used in my final paper because it show and also tell what children today will do to play video games. They play in such a way that it becomes out of balance, and they're damaging other areas of their lives, and it isn't just one area, it effect in their school work, become liars, steal money and I think it effect there health in many ways too. This source can be used in my paper because it provides all the information about children today becoming addicted to video games.

Keith Bakker, 2006 WebMD, Inc: certified interventionist; and director, Smith & Jones Addiction Consultants. Kimberly Young, PsyD, clinical director, Center for On-Line Addiction; professor of psychology, St. Bonaventure University; and author, Caught in the Net: How to Recognize the Signs of Internet Addiction -- and a Winning Strategy for Recovery. WebMD Howard, project manager, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Center for On-Line Addiction: "Are You an Obsessive Online Gamer?" and "Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Addiction."

Keith Bakker, 2006 in this source it shows how hard is to detox for video game addiction. Being addicted to video is like being addicted drugs or alcohol. The only thing is that you have to going cold turkey to break their dependence on video games. There is